PVanto Project

This is a project, which is based on the collection of abstract paintings – Colorations. In other words, they are referred to as energetic paintings, carrying positive energy of the Author and of External Forces, information, etc.

Contacting with these paintings, people become objects of spiritual, energetical, and physical purification, development, and improvement

A key goal of our Project is the construction of the "Great Art Gallery of Eternity" in which people could take a full range of purification and restoration, to engage in research of influence of an energy influence of Colorations, or just to become spiritually enlightened.

Pavel PVanto

On our site you can see some Colorations and get to know their impact on human, read about the research results obtained by us, or order a reproduction of the Coloration painting you are interested in. (Reproductions bear about 30% of the energy of the original).

Throughout history, people have always faced inexplicable events and phenomena that gave rise to a lot of questions about the origin of man, his relation to the cosmos, the presence of aliens, and many others. This interest was spurred with discoveries in Mesopotamia (Babylon), Egypt, India, China, Latin America, and other regions. Now, when science has stepped too far, the knowledge of mankind repeatedly widened in comparison with previous generations. But with the new knowledge we got a number of questions repeatedly increased... Read more


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