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 Throughout history, people have always faced inexplicable events and phenomena that gave rise to a lot of questions about the origin of man, his relation to the cosmos, the presence of aliens, and many others. This interest was spurred with discoveries in Mesopotamia (Babylon), Egypt, India, China, Latin America, and other regions. Now, when science has stepped too far, the knowledge of mankind repeatedly widened in comparison with previous generations. But with the new knowledge we got a number of questions repeatedly increased...

 For example, the Kirlians discovered a method by which scientists were able to prove the possessing of Aura by humans and all living things. Immediately a number of new questions arose: "what is the Aura?", "What is the meaning of ­Aura colours?", "Is Aura a human energy field?" and a lot of other questions about properties of energy fields and possibilities of a human body. It is believed that a human body has a resource for a much longer duration of life. This, for example, is confirmed by the latest discoveries. Neurons of a human brain regenerate up to the end of life, and the aging process is laid by external power. It is programmed, so to speak, into our DNA.

 In connection with the above we want to present to your attention our project «The Grand Art Gallery of Eternity» which we decided to name in an abridged form "Pvanto." (This is directly related to the origin of 3Paintings-‘Colorations’, but more on that later). This project presents Paintings-‘Colorations’ of incredible positive energy which is constantly fuelled by the energy of Higher Forces. Each of our paintings has an individual aura of colours, as well as, in the opinion of our mediums, it has own personal designation. The project goal is enabling people to communicate with Paintings-‘Colorations’ in the public gallery or with their counterparts in private. Copies can be ordered (a reference to the chapter of the work) at this website. You can read on their effectiveness in the article "...copies...” Paintings and copies develop creative abilities of a person, provide his/her spiritual and physical cleansing, and have a possible health effect on DNA and longevity. The influence upon a human being is exerted not so much due to the visual impact on the mind but especially due to an "energy flow" emanating from paintings. These processes are currently being studied by the group of our specialists using the methods of traditional and alternative medicine.

 All ‘Colorations’ are abstract paintings and definitely have some similarities with the works of such renowned artists as Mark Rothko (see Rothko Chapel), Clifford Still, Kazimir Malevich, and others. Their works has attracted interest of psychics, psychologists, and other researchers of human spiritual condition for a long time.

 According to our observations, regular communication with Paintings-‘Colorations’ helps a person to gain emotional and spiritual balance, to free from selfishness, coarse material passions, contributes to the development of thrust to build new human relationships based on trust, wisdom, and love.

 More information about the results of already completed and future research as well as with the works and their characteristics you can get on our site. We also recommend you to subscribe to our mailing list in order not to miss new information and services offered.


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