Cognize, forget, answer


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Title: «Cognize, forget, answer»

Author: Pav El PVANTO

Size: 210 × 297

Art movement: Abstract art

Features: COLORATION (*Energy Painting*). This Coloration helps to see the truth, helps to look at the problem from the right point of view (* to see solutions and "pitfalls" *), facilitates the search for resolving various problems, helps to sift out extraneous thoughts. It works as a "spiritual energy filter" for the human brain.

Description: A common feature of all Colorations (*Energy Paintings*) is their action as "energy filter". Coloration (*Energy Painting*) fuels a human being with clean (light) energy, and then starts the process of "replacement" human negative energy when the Painting takes a negative ("dirty") energy away from a human immediately replacing it with light (purified) one. Thus, any Coloration (Energy Painting) independently on the its peculiar characteristics also has an overall positive impact on body and spirit health of a human.

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